It is urgent that Europe and Southern Mediterranean Countries pool together their resources of talent, knowledge and cultural heritage to develop “smart” arid / water scarcity areas, providing food job opportunities and competitiveness, for young entrepreneurs and women, while preserving the eco-systems.

Specific concerns have been identified in recent Euro-Mediterranean expert groups and research policy dialogue (Expert group at Euro-Mediterranean Conference Barcelona, 2012; CRIA, 2012; MIRA, 2009-2011; Euro-Mediterranean Conferences of Ministers of Agriculture – CIHEAM, 2012, 2014; MedSpring / EMEG, 2013-2015, ARIMNet Stakeholders Conference, 2011 and ARIMNet2 Strategic Advisory Board2015):

–       Unsustainable agriculture production, overspecialisation and intensification of agriculture production in a non-ecological way.

–       Overexploitation of natural resources, natural plant cover, loss of soil fertility, soil erosion and salization

–       Limited use of local biodiversity, local breeds and mixed cropping systems.

–       Poor nutritional value of food products and food diets.

–       Decline in food culture and food sovereignty, calling for better reconciliation between modernity and tradition.

–       Need to booster local food-chain and sustainable and competitive food production and transformation system.

In the light of the above premises, the overall aim to be pursued by PRIMA is the following:

To develop innovative solutions and promote their adoption for improving the efficiency and sustainability of food productions and water provision, in order to support an inclusive well-being and socio-economic development in the Mediterranean Area, within the framework of a reinforced Euro-Mediterranean co-operation.