Since the launch of Barcelona process (1995), several initiatives have been put in place to reinforce Euro-Mediterranean cooperation on R&I in the view of creating an area of prosperity and stability. However, these initiatives have only partially addressed the problems and needs of the Euro-Mediterranean region, often duplicating efforts and failing to provide a meaningful and lasting impact The ambitious 4PRIMA work plan is built on the knowledge, relationship and results of previous and ongoing national and international research programme studies/analysis (carried out for example in MedSpring, ERANETMED, as well as by taking into consideration sustainability priorities set by United Nations Sustainable Development Goals-SDGs).

4PRIMA activities are based on an extensive mapping of RDI funding institutions, investments programmes and instruments that have been established in the target area and sectors, thus delivering an updated inventory of national, European and international programmes that will represent the cornerstone for a robust operation of contribution to policy making aimed at ensuring an alignment of the available research programs

4PRIMA methodology chart