The overall objective of the 4PRIMA Coordination and Support Action (CSA) is to create the bases and support for long-term, well-structured and integrated partnership for research and innovation on food systems and water resources, between countries of both shores of the Mediterranean basin.

Rapid demographic, socio-economic, and climate changes are threatening the sustainable development of the Mediterranean region, where agriculture has to cope with increased demand for food production in a scenario of water scarcity and increasing competition for water use between different sectors. Therefore, policy makers and businesses are required to rapidly respond to the demand for innovation. In addition, the capacity of Mediterranean societies to adapt and effectively react to these changes depends on the overall response of integration that the Euro-Mediterranean region is able to implement.

The objectives of the 4PRIMA CSA stem from the joint effort of several EU Member States and Mediterranean Partner Countries which took part in the preparation of the PRIMA Initiative (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area), which started in 2013.