4PRIMA Stakeholder Forum: “Meeting for unlocking innovation to SMEs, industries, companies” Siena, 22 May 2017

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The second PRIMA Stakeholder Forum was held at the University of Siena, Italy.  The  Forum aimed at engaging industrial actors in the Euro-Mediterranean Research and Innovation on food and water themes. The work sessions  organized during the event, were characterized by business case presentations and debates focusing on the current issues of innovations implemented in agri-food by companies supporting sustainable development.  Sixteen business cases focusing on sustainability across the Mediterranean were illustrated. 106 person participated at the event, the main participants were NGO delegates from the Med area; national corporate association representatives from both Med shores; corporate delegates; policy makers; academic representatives; corporate and financial advisors; private companies’ representatives, including also young entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Find attached the post-event report

Presentations are now available (click on the name of the speaker):

Session 1: Process and Products Innovation
Moderator: Omar Amawi, Jordan HCST
• Sekem Mohamed Wageih (Egypt)
• Pieralisi Fabio Ginesi (Italy)
• FORMA NOVA Alice Cappucci and Antonio Rocco Farina (Italy)
• Confagricoltura Donato Rotundo (Italy)
• TRA.PRE.VIT. project Mario Pagano (Italy)

Session 2: Precision Agriculture and Aquaponics
Moderator: Simone Bastianoni,niversity of Siena
• Appcot Martina Petralli (Italy)
• Cà Colonna Gian Luca Bagnara (Italy)
• LivinGreen Lior Turgeman (Israel)
• ReFarmers Beréngère Duval (France)
• LifeLab BioDesign Ali Makhzoum (Lebanon)

Session 3: Decision Support Systems
Moderator: Massimo Iannetta, ENEA
• Hort@ Sara Elisabetta Legler (Italy)
• Agricolus Andrea Cruciani (Italy)
• Agriveritas Andreas Kartakoulis (Cipro)

Session 4: Young Entrepreneurs & Millennials Lab
Moderator: Sonia Massari, University of Illinois, Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition
• IRIS Technologie Khaled Bouchoucha (Tunisia)
• CoolFarm João Igor (Portugal)
• Living Box Nitza Solan (Israel)
• Agrando Jonathan Bernwieser (German)
• Zolla14 Marisa Saggio (Italy)







File: Siena PRIMA SH FORUM 22nd May REPORT